About LocTransie

About LocTransie

About LocTransie App !!

This is another unique software engineered by Ginini Consulting - designed and developed with hands on assistance and input from parents and schools, to help meet present transport(security/safety) and communications challenges of both schools and parents.

What is LocTransie?
LocTransie is a mobile application designed to provide ease to parents for both locating and monitoring your child’s whereabouts.

How it works?

LocTransie is a mobile application that connects parents with the child school transport system. It enables parents to locate the child and the school transport at any given moment during their school transport route, through sms notifications. The monitoring of the school transport improves child safety and provides parents with the assurance that children are safely and timely picked up and dropped off for their daily trips including sports activities and school excursions. For safety and security conscious parents and schools, our solution is the answer that provides both comfort and peace of mind. The platform also provides the parents with scholar transport price comparison within the neighbourhood or district.

What does LocTransie mean?

Loc, is “locate”. Transie, is “transport” in South African township language.’s motto or slogan is “service is our strength.

Features :


Real time location of school transport. Access information through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone or Tablet.


Keep Parents directly informed and notified easily of delays and or route diversions, whilst allowing scholar driver to privately notify parents of Emergency events directly through customised push notifications..

How It Works

How It Works!!

Step 1: Download App from Google Play/Play Store.

Step 2: Create Profile as a Parent or Driver or School Admin.
Parents only (Have email address ready for Driver or School Admin)
2.1: Add a Child.
2.2: Link child to Driver and/or school admin using email addresses.
2.3: View list to check if the child has been loaded (Optional).

Driver or school admin

Step 3: Registered driver or school admin gets a prepopulated list of children linked using an email address entered by the Parent.
Step 4: Start managing the children using the Manage register option from the menu.

Parent will start receiving notifications from Drivers and/or School Admin.

Notification statuses:

Driver pushes notification with Dropped-off or Pick-up.

School admin pushes notifications with Received or Dismissed.


App benefits

  • Free mobile application for both drivers and parents;
  • Exclusive technology and native development for Android & IOS systems;
  • Technological solution ready to implemented with immediate effect by a simple download;
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing scholar transport;
  • Full maintenance support including product updates and upgrades;
  • Innovative tool which offers improvement in scholar transport services, providing the industry with competitive advantage.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

How much is the mobile App?

It is free use for all

Play Store for Android phones and (AppStore for IOS phones – coming soon!) :

You need to subscribe for listing. Send a request to subscriptions@loctransie.co.za or complete an online form.

No, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Within 24 hours after proof of payment has been received.

Yes, we offer free online support between 8am and 17h00 on working days.

No, LocTransie is an integral solution that allows the sharing of important information between the scholar driver, schools, scholars and parents, consolidated all the information in a single platform.

No worries, the LocTransie team will create it on their behalf. The drivers can provide us with their details(Name & Surname, Cell No)


project by balancing the compelling demand of scope time, cost, quality impact and project objective

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Limpopo LocTransie Team

Limpopo LocTransie Team

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CELL. : +27 76 243 1883
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